Hey, what's going on?

 My name is Joel Straight and I am an entrepreneur, artist, podcaster, father, husband, and all around chill guy.

I am a firm believer in pursuing your dreams, no matter how lofty they may seem. And to do big things, we all need to fully understand who we are consciously and subconsciously so that we can discover our patterns, change our habits, and create sustainable joy in our lives.

I started my entrepreneurial journey back in 2008, just one month before the financial crisis hit the news and people tightened their belts. I learned firsthand what it means to have true grit in the face of adversity and regularly teach others how to achieve the same.

But of course, like any good story, it wasn't all sunshine, rainbows, and unicorn farts...

 I battled a great many health and family challenges on my path to understanding and succeeding in the game of entrepreneurship.

 In 2009, about 9 months after I started my first business, I suffered a devastating asthma attack that landed me on life support and in a coma for 5 days. I just didn't understand work, life, balance at that time and worked myself pretty much to death!In 2016, after a series of health challenges I ended up in on life support 2 more times, only this time it was different…

 This time, my heart stopped for a full 30 minutes and somehow I still wasn’t dead! My wife administered the first round of CPR to keep my heart pumping blood until the paramedics arrived where they continued CPR for an astonishing 9 more rounds with epinephrine shots in between. Iof course, was totally blacked out for all of this. I woke up in the hospital a few days later on my son’s 9th birthday unable to formulate understandable sentences and my vision was all distorted like a hallucinogenic trip through a Salvador Dali painting, until 3 days later where I went totally 100% blind!

 I don’t think I’ve ever felt more scared, but also I was reeling from the fact that, even after all those years of pushing through entrepreneurship, that I hadn’t built a business that I truly loved or one that gave back much to the community. I knew I needed a change…I was just grateful I still had a chance to do it. 

 Since then, I’ve become obsessed with helping my fellow human discover their true self and carve the path that they choose in life to become who they’ve always dreamed of being. 

 I am constantly on a learning journey and sharing that knowledge through my podcasts and videos and you’re absolutely invited to join in the braingasm as well! 

 My commitment is to serving you and having a hell of a lot of fun doing it! 

 Thanks again for joining me on the journey!


Much Love,

Joel Straight